Alec's 9 Golf Course

Alec's 9 - The Original coming in 2023 (Jack's 18 remains open for business).

We are excited to be working with Scott Hoffman Golf on the redesign of our 9-hole course. Construction on the new course is underway.

Swans swimming by Alec's 9

Alec's 9 - The Original Flyover

Rules & Etiquette

Course Rules

All play is governed by USGA rules unless superseded by the follow:

  • Lost Ball: Drop another ball nearest the point where the original ball went into the rough or was lost.
  • Penalty: One stroke.
  • Free drop away from trees six feet or smaller, as well as from cart paths, yardage markers, and ground under repair.
Courtesy of Play
  • Please keep your cart on the path around tees and greens.
  • More than four players in a group must have Pro Shop permission.
  • Please repair divots, ball marks, rake bunkers and leave the rake IN the bunkers.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased in the clubhouse. Carry-on alcohol, coolers and containers are prohibited.

Alec's 9 Green Fees

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Cart Rentals

Riding Cart: 9 holes
Push Cart