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Meet our Team! Tami Price, Director of Vacation Sales

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by admin

Tami Price

We know many of you have talked to Tami when booking your stay with Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge. It is always so nice to put a face with a name and get to know that person behind the phone, so….meet Tami Price! Tami is starting her 18th year with us and her knowledge of the resort is vast as she was born and raised right here in the area. Just like Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge is family owned and operated, Tami has that same belief and strong family bond. She has been married for 35 years to Randy, who also works at Ruttger’s! Even Tami’s daughter was an employee when she was 14 to age 21. Pretty awesome! We asked Tami some questions about her and about the resort…make sure to see the last question and find out the best time of year to visit us.


Jonathan Yuhas Weather Wonders – Warmer Weather is Coming!

Posted on: May 2nd, 2013 by admin


Much warmer days ahead for Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge! The average highs climb significantly the next few weeks. Above is a picture that I shot last Summer, those beautiful days are coming!

May 10 Average high 65

May 25 Average high 71

June 10 Average high 74

June 30 Average high 79

July 4 Average high 80

Awesome….now that looks like a better forecast ahead. Thank you, Jonathan! If you have a question that you would like to ask Jonathan and see answered here, you can email us at

Jonathan Yuhas Weather Wonders

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by admin

Spring 2013 is moving at a much slower pace compared to Spring 2012. Ice still is covering many lakes across Minnesota but Spring is already well into the air with the warmer days and brighter sunshine. Many changes will appear the next few weeks as things quickly transition from a brown look to green up by early May. You can already hear the new bird songs and even some tulips are popping up in the areas facing the south. During the month of April the daylight will grow longer and the grasses will continue to green and eventually the frogs will be singing a noisy evening chorus that Spring is really here. Average high temperatures at Bay Lake will rise from the mid 40s in early April to near 60 degrees by the end of the month and climbing into the 70s during May.

Watch for the signs, they are right around the corner and soon we will all be enjoying the lake!

photo (29)

Thank you, Jonathan! If you have a question that you would like to ask Jonathan and see answered here, you can email us at

Meet our Team! James Taylor, Food & Beverage Director

Posted on: March 11th, 2013 by admin


Have you ever wondered who that guy is walking around the dining room with the interesting accent? Well…meet James Taylor, our Food & Beverage Director. James is from Southampton, England, which is on the South Coast of England about 70 miles SW of London. He has been with us for 3 years and comes to us with 20 years experience in the Hospitality Industry. He is responsible for all of the Restaurants and Bars at the Resort. He also makes sure that all meetings, banquets and special events are executed properly. We sat down with James and asked him some fun questions. Don’t miss questions 5 & 6! Great suggestions from James on food & wine.


Jonathan Yuhas Weather Wonders – Sun Dogs

Posted on: March 7th, 2013 by admin

Once a month, Jonathan will be visiting the Ruttger’s Blog and educating us on different weather wonders. This month, after Chris Ruttger shot this amazing picture of the Sun Dogs, we thought it was the perfect question for Jonathan…how do Sun Dogs occur?

Take it away, Jonathan!


Hey Everybody!

First of all when you see Sun Dogs, you know it is cold (the air temperature has to be less than 10 degrees).

Here is how and why Sun Dogs occur:


Ruttger’s in the News

Posted on: August 9th, 2012 by admin

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of providing exceptional vacations to our guests, both new one as well as guests that have been coming for years. Therefore, we are proud to be named one of the top favorite Minnesota resorts by the Star Tribune, as well as being featured in the Brainerd Daily Dispatch’s publication, Generations in Business. Both are a true honor and we are grateful for the recognition. (more…)